TKS Productions presents

Darkside Of The Moon – 50th Anniversary of Darkside of the Moon

All Ages
Saturday, September 30
Doors: 7pm
Join Darkside of the Moon’ celebration of the 50th Anniversary of one of rock’s most influential albums – Darkside Of The Moon!

Beyond a tribute, Dark Side of the Moon is a testimonial to the unique music of Pink Floyd and the emotions they stir. Dark Side of the Moon recreates, to a higher degree, the mystic and terrestrial sounds of the phenomenon that is Pink Floyd. 

We offer a pleasant distraction from the mundane. Enjoy a pleasant encounter with those sights and sounds, while Dark Side of the Moon emulates the magical and emotional experiences that Pink Floyd created for so many years. 

Close your eyes; it’s like being there again. Let Dark Side of the Moon reawaken your authentic concert experience or create a new one.